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Forge. Sustain. Triumph. Ascend.

Powered by a unique blend of resources, our GCSE English program unlocks your academic potential like never before. Our innovative three-pillar design promises enhanced learning, while targeting your personal goal — attaining the perfect grade. This isn’t just a study program, it’s your custom pathway to unparalleled academic achievement.
Evidence-Based Study Skills
We empower your success with scientifically-backed study techniques from the very beginning.
Diagnose Strengths & Weaknesses
Then, it’s time to leverage exam-style questions to assess your comprehension level. This isn’t just about early assessment; it’s about setting the foundation for your personalised learning journey.
Build Skills and Knowledge
Next, we accelerate by honing key skills and knowledge in both analytical and creative writing, swiftly propelling your grades. It’s more than progression — it’s strategic acceleration to academic success.
Assess and Review
Throughout the journey, we’re consistently tracking your performance, creating a detailed record of your progress. And every three months, we engage in thoughtful reviews with parents. This isn’t simply feedback — it’s a transparent, collaborative pursuit of your academic growth.
Exam Mastery
Powered by advanced cognitive techniques and proven study methods, mastering exams takes on new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

3-Month Phases

£140 per month on-going



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400 students have signed up for Sophicly GCSE English Mastery Programs.

What Our Students Are Saying

“… incredibly useful… a very methodical way of teaching and it allowed me to make steady yet sustainable progress which was reflected in my end-of-year grade.”
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Top Grade Student
“…one of the most amazing experiences of my life… concepts … as well as different learning strategies while learning new content has impacted my way of learning…”
Top Grade Student
“I saw a massive improvement not only in my attitude towards learning but my grades as well. I studied… in a way that has never been taught to me in school and it has shaped who I am today…”
Top Grade Student

Included: Core

1 Weekly Live Skills Session2 Hours per Week
Qualified TeachersExpert support
GCSE English Mastery Curriculum1900+ Grade 9 Lessons
Evidence-Based Study MethodsScience-Backed Learning
Mark Scheme MasteryThink Like an Examiner
Analytical Writing MasteryDevelop Deep Insight
Creative Writing MasteryWrite Like a Pro
Continuous, Unrestricted Evaluation and Feedback Dedicated marking and feedback team
Quarterly ReviewsReflect, review and plan for success

Included: Bonuses

2 Weekly Live Strategy SessionsGrade 9 Strategy Focus
1 Weekly Live Modelling SessionExplore Top-Level Model answers
Grade 9 Library100+ Grade 9 Model Answers, Notes, Templates and more
Personal Support ChannelSupport, feedback, updates and more
AI Tutor ChatbotA dynamic study guide that can answer any question about English
+1 Grade GuaranteeCommit. Succeed