4 weeks

Creative Writing. Like a Pro.

Welcome to the wonder-filled realm of Sophicly’s Creative Writing Mastercamp, where your journey into the heart of storytelling unfolds. Embark on an odyssey of crafting narratives as unique as you, fashioning vibrant characters that pulse with life, and weaving plots as compelling as a siren’s song. Traverse the many facets of the written word, discovering how to layer your work with themes as deep as the ocean and tones that echo in the reader’s heart.
Idea Generation & Outlining
Dive into the world of Idea Generation & Outlining. Discover stories inside you, around you, just waiting to be told.
Plotting & Drafting
Ever wondered how to weave a plot that pulls readers in? We’ll unravel that mystery together.
Character Design & Developing Empathy
Meet your new friends – your characters. In Character Design & Developing Empathy, you’ll learn to create characters that readers can’t help but fall for.
Adding Theme and Tone
We’ll teach you how to infuse your story with a mood that captivates and themes that resonate.
Genre & Structure
Now, let’s dress up your story in Adding Genre & Structure. Pick the perfect genre, find the structure that tells your tale best.
Finally, time for Refining. Polish your prose until it gleams.

4 Weeks

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What Our Students Are Saying

“… incredibly useful… a very methodical way of teaching and it allowed me to make steady yet sustainable progress which was reflected in my end-of-year grade.”
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“…one of the most amazing experiences of my life… concepts … as well as different learning strategies while learning new content has impacted my way of learning…”
Top Grade Student
I saw a massive improvement not only in my attitude towards learning but my grades as well. I studied… in a way that has never been taught to me in school and it has shaped who I am today…”
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Included: Core

2 Weekly Live Sessions3 Hours per Week
Qualified TeachersExpert support
Creative Writing Mastery CurriculumExpert Techniques
Evidence-Based Study MethodsScience-Backed Learning
Mark Scheme MasteryThink Like an Examiner
Analytical SkillsDevelop Deep Insight
Continuous, Unrestricted Evaluation and Feedback Dedicated marking and feedback team
End of Camp ReviewReflect, review and plan for success

Included: Bonuses

Grade 9 LibraryModel Answers + Notes
AI Tutor ChatbotInstant Responses
Personal Support ChannelTelegram Support