The Path to Become an Expert Learner

Name: Ibrahim, Yr8, how to become an expert learner

The path to being an expert learner stretches far into the distance. But what is an expert learner? An expert learner is someone who is strategic, purposeful, someone who knows what they are doing. This manifesto will make you aim for the skies and become an expert learner.

Would you like this to be you? Would you like to achieve grade 9s? Would you like to smash your tests? If you would, this manifesto strives to make you an expert learner. First, you will need to use deliberate practice.

What is deliberate practice? Deliberate practice is a term that the leading researcher in the science of expertise Anders Ericsson formulated. Deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance.

The Six Keys to Deliberate Practice are:

  • Establish well-defined and specific goals.
  • Break your task down into parts and make a practice plan.
  • Give each part your full attention.
  • Get feedback from an expert learner.
  •  get out of your comfort zone.
  • Maintain your motivation.

You might be thinking that you can not become an expert learner, but anyone can become one. All you need to do is practice; Practice makes perfect right? Well not exactly. According to Doug Lemov, ‘the old saying practice makes perfect is not as quiet as true as practice makes permanent.’ What I mean by this is that people think practice makes perfect but practicing only helps to set your ‘muscular and neural circuitry.’ ‘Muscular and neural circuitry’ means you keep repeating it and then it becomes a habit. But first you will need to learn the basics of being an Expert Learner.

Who can benefit from my manifesto?

Do you want to be a Doctor? Do you want to be a sportsman? Do you want to be an engineer? Anyone can benefit from my manifesto, especially kids that are entering the battle ground of their GCSEs. If you think you can not be an expert learner, you are totally wrong. Anyone can be an expert learner. Do not have a fixed mindset, do not think like people who believe they are never going to succeed just because they failed one test and they are going to succeed only if they have good genes. Do not have a mindset like this instead have a growth mindset. Growth mindset means that if you did not achieve the grades you wanted in a test your mentality should be that,’ I did not achieve the best grades in a test. I will identify my weaknesses, work on them and also eliminate them. Next time I will achieve the best grades possible.’


According to Denis Waitley,`Never become such an expert learner that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.’ Denis Waitley is trying to say that no one can be an expert learner enough that they do not need to learn anything anymore.

Do you want to master the skills of being an expert learner? The following proclamations will help you strive to become one.

  1. . We will stay engaged; we will focus and learn deeply.
  2.  We will practice; we will hunt down our weaknesses and eliminate them.
  3.  We will be motivated; we will try our hardest and even if we do not achieve the grades we wanted in our test, our mentality should be like that of an athlete – we will try our hardest next time.
  4.  We will know what to achieve; we will have a vision to be an Expert Learner or anything else.
  5.  We will aim for high scores; we will not settle for 60% or 70% we will strive for 100%.
  6. We will formulate plans; we will plan a schedule of balanced activities.
  7.  We will pour in all our effort; we will work for hours a day to improve our work.
  8.  We will put 100% attention into our work; we will not procrastinate and we will amplify the information we focus on.
  9.  We will consolidate our learning; we will fully automate what we have learnt and we will do this by ensuring we get adequate sleep every night.
  10.  We will aim to be an expert learner; we will strive to be the best learner we can be.


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