The clouds glittered in the sky,and the sun washed the cockpit in a gentle light.My heart was jumping up and down at the thought of landing the plane and finally going home.Then suddenly I noticed a flock of birds near the right side of the plane right in front of the wing.

But the birds were too close to maneuvre.

After about 2 minutes,the alarm started beeping and the bloodshot warning light started flashing.The engines were dying.We were heading into the Thames.

“Brace for impact”,said the pilot as calm as a butterfly fluttering in the air.

“Stay down!” screamed a flight attendant.

A horrible suspicion started building inside the passengers.Dread swept through the cabin crew like a tidal wave.All the passengers started looking around in confusion.Very few people knew what to do.

“Keep your head down and stay down!” Screamed the flight attendant once more.

We were now seconds away from the inevitable.Some started crying.Some started praying.I was thinking about where the exit rows were.

The plane hitting the water sounded like a muffled nuclear explosion and the violence from the impact made time slow down.

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