Sumaya Daahir: YR8: How to Become an Expert Learner

Do you want to become an expert learner? Are you tired of slumping at a desk stressed and tired? This manifesto will give you tips on how to smash your studies. These tips below will help you become an expert learner.

Did you know the brain needs sleep and repetition to consolidate your knowledge?

Consolidation means to make something stronger and more certain. Sleep is important because it keeps your brain rested. Without a strong sleep pattern, you’ll feel tired and wide awake when you shouldn’t. You will go to sleep during the day and stay awake during the night. Researchers have discovered that irregular sleeping patterns and waking up times put people at risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other health problems. After several sleepless nights, your brain will fog, making it difficult to concentrate and make decisions.

Secondly you should always learn from your mistakes. If you make a mistake and you think you are dumb then that means you have a fixed mindset. When you learn from your mistakes and improve from them then you have a growth mindset. If you have a fixed mindset then you will not learn and you will always just think I’m too dumb and you will think i can’t do it or it’s too hard. The idea of a growth mindset was created by Carol Dwecks. The advantages of a growth mindset is that you will have great comfort with taking personal risks, striving for more stretching goals. You will enjoy what you are doing and have higher levels of confidence.

When you’re practicing for an exam or just studying don’t do it for the sake of it or because you have to; this sort of practice will not help. You should practice with an intention to improve. Also this may seem a bit weird but actually its true if your study place is too warm you will become sleepy and if your study place is too cold your thinking will become slow.

We all know the term practice makes perfect don’t we? You have to think about the way we practice. Measure and identify your goal and what you’ll be able to do once mastering your goal. If you use all these tips you’ll probably be as smart as Albert Einstein!

1 )We will consolidate our knowledge; we will sleep to automate our learning.

2 )We will keep practicing for our own benefit; we will practice because we want to not because we have to.

3 )We will learn from our mistakes; we will acknowledge our errors and improve from them.

4 )We will actively engage; we will have our full attention on our learning, not anything else.

5 )We will take responsibility in our learning; we will not rely on other people for our learning.

6 )We will evaluate our own learning; we will know our weaknesses and strengths.

7 )We will set specific goals for ourselves; we will set goals according to our evaluation.

8 )We will set our goals high; we will aim for 100 percent not anything less.

9 )We will pursue answers to problems; we will not give up when we can’t find answers but we will keep trying.

10 )We will put in lots of effort; we will work hard and put in many proactive hours of study.

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