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First Name


Student Information

Your year

Year 11

Your Shakespearean text


Have you finished READING your Shakespearean text in full, at least once?


Have you finished WATCHING your Shakespearean drama in full, at least once?


Your Victorian text

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Robert Louis Stevenson

Have you FINISHED READING your Victorian text in full, at least once?


Your modern prose or drama text

An Inspector Calls: JB Priestley

Have you FINISHED READING your modern prose or modern drama text, at least once?


If your modern text (1900 onwards) is a drama (play), have you FINISHED WATCHING it at least once?


Your poetry anthology

AQA Love and Relationships

Have you finished reading your poetry anthology in full?


When are your next mock exams?


Which of the following will you be assessed on in your next mocks?

language paper 2, Modern text, Poetry anthology, Unseen poetry

Areas you want to improve on now

powerful essay structure, generating ideas for essays, linking context to analysis, language paper 1 section A, language paper 1 section B, language paper 2 section A, language paper 2 section B, powerful creative fiction writing, powerful creative non-fiction writing

Your Goals for English

I would like to achieve a grade 9 in English.

How You Will Achieve Your Goals?

I will achieve a grade 9 by improving and developing my essay structure and analysis of texts.

Tell us more about you

My hobbies are football, badminton ,cricket, reading and studying.

Your GCSE English Modern Text Mastery Study System