How to Be an Expert Learner by Mohamed Ahmed: YR 8 

Do you want to become a master? Do you want to get good grades? Do you want to set an example? We all want to be the best; you can’t disagree with that. Do you want to change your life? If so, this manifesto will guide you to become a successful learner.

This manifesto will mould you into an expert learner. But what is an expert learner? Expert learners are considered to have three main features like actively engaging to learn, participating, developing knowledge and understanding how to learn. Also, expert learning is when you practice self-regulated learning, plan, monitor and evaluate your own learning. We have to formulate a plan to optimise our learning. I also believe that expert learners work hard like Cristiano Ronaldo, Albert Einstein, Serena Williams and many more. The awards that they have won include Golden Boots, The Nobel Prize in Physics and The Grand Slam Singles titles. These people are successful because they never give up, if there is an obstacle in their way they break straight through it and if something sets them back they keep pushing and keep going.

Successful people use deliberate practice, but what is deliberate practice? Deliberate practice is a special type of practice that is purposeful and systematic. Successful people also understand that mistakes are important because we can learn from them; mistakes guide us like a map to greatness. Being successful is like climbing a mountain, we must work hard and put in many hours of proactive independent study if we want to reach the peak of education. Additionally, If we are faced with challenges, we need to find another route towards solving our chosen problems. Finally, expert learners understand that they can benefit from practice because it trains them to execute a task with automaticity to use less brainpower.

Are you willing to become an expert learner? Follow these helpful and encouraging steps to success!

1. We will expand our brain; we will identify our mistakes and come up with solutions to improve, then try again.

2. We will stay engaged; we will be curious and learn deeply.

3. We will practice deliberately; we will practice for a specific goal such as training to eliminate our weaknesses.

4.We will aim for 100%; we will practice as perfectly as we can, and not settle for 60%, 70% or even 90% – instead we will strive for 100%.

5. We will be motivated; we will be eager for new learning and be motivated by the mastery of learning itself.

6. We will know what to achieve; we will have a clear vision of success and what it means to us.

7. We will consolidate our learning; we will solidify, strengthen and automate what we have learnt by having regular high-quality sleep.

8. We will put effort into our learning; we will work hard and put many hours into our learning.

9. We will formulate plans for our learning; we will organise resources and tools to facilitate learning.

10. We will give 100% attention to our work; we will focus in order to amplify the information we are learning.

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