UNIT 7, LESSON 3. MODEL 100% ANSWER: In Your Own Words

  • UNIT 7, LESSON 3. MODEL 100% ANSWER: In Your Own Words

    Posted by Abdullah Williams on November 9, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    In order to complete the exercise below, ensure that you have read the entire Macbeth diagnostic assessment model answer – you can find the files at the bottom of this post.

    Before posting, ensure you do the following:

    • Write in detail and in your own words.
    • Remember to write your answer in Google Docs first.
    • If you are stuck, have a look at what other students have written below.
    • If you find other students’ work useful, give them an upvote!
    • Check over the quality, including SPAG.
    • Redraft if you need to.
    • Then copy and paste your answer into your reply, when you are sure it is as precise as possible
    • Then post.
    1. Name at least one concept the first paragraph introduces that the rest of the essay explores.
      • Pay especially close attention to the concluding sentence of the paragraph
      • Remember to write in your own words.
    2. Why does Shakespeare sometimes conclude scenes with rhyming couplets, according to the second paragraph?
    3. According to the third paragraph, what effect does the rhyming couplet, ‘fair is foul and foul is fair / hover through the fog and filthy air’ have?
    4. How does Shakespeare use the iambic pentameter rhythm to reflect the theme of ‘appearance versus reality’, according to the second paragraph?
    5. How does Shakespeare structure the play to reflect the theme of ‘appearance versus reality’, according to the third paragraph?
    6. How has the tragic plot structure been used in the past, according to the fourth paragraph?
    7. Read the entire paragraph and summarise how the play relates to the context in which it was written.
    8. The concluding paragraph (the fourth one) is the highest scoring paragraph of the essay because it evaluates the author’s purpose for writing the text; explain, in your own words, the author’s purpose, according to this paragraph.
    9. Give at least three reasons why the model answer scores 100%.
    10. Do you agree with the final paragraph that we should be careful about which values we hold in society?
      Explain in detail and with evidence.
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