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  • Oliver

    March 4, 2021 at 7:57 pm
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    1. I think that 50% of people’s success is down to natural talent because I think that you have to learn and practise your talent to maintain and build your skill further.
    2. In my opinion the word ‘mastery’ means to have a prodigious skill and have a deep understanding about the subject.
    3. Three people that are masters are: Lewis Hamilton, Bill Gates, Muggsy Bogues.
    4. I picked Lewis Hamilton because he performs at a master class level consistently with almost no mistakes. I picked Bill Gates because he created the best software company that took the world by storm as they made personal computers to the general public. I picked Muggsy Bogues as he is one of the shortest NBA players and can still perform amazingly versus NBA superstars.
    5. They all became superstars as they put all their effort into learning the subject and mastering it. Muggsy Bogues and Lewis Hamilton perfected their mistakes making them even better.
    6. Yes, anyone can become a master if they take their time learning new techniques and strategies and perfecting their subject and always learning about it.
    7. The three things that you need to master a subject are: Knowledge, Humility and Determination.
    8. Yes, I think that I can be a master in any subject if I keep being determined and working my hours off to master it.
    9. One positive thing about mastering a skill is being able to have opportunities to be successful in life.