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    1. Everyone is capable of succeeding even if they have natural talent or not.

    2.Mastery is a mindset which gives us value.

    3. Usain Bolt, Messi, and Kobe.

    4. They are masters because they succeeded in what they have done in life and got to where they are in todays life.

    5.They became masters because they never give up on what they do and always proceed.

    6. Anyone can become a master they just have to keep trying and never give up on what they do.

    7. 3 things that take to master a subject is to be motivated, goal-directed and knowledgeable learner.

    8. I believe that you can be a master at any subject by becoming an expert learner.

    9. One positive thing about mastering a skill is that you develop passion for what you do and never give up.