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    1) I believe that you can succeed in anything you do whether it’s natural talent or not.

    2) I believe mastery is something that you have completed and succeeded in.

    3) Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Downy Jr, Chris Rock.

    4) I think they are masters because they practice what they do a lot and succeed in what they do.

    5) They became masters by practicing what they do and succeeding.

    6) Yes, I believe anyone can become a master if they work hard enough.

    7) You need to be good at what you want to master, you need to be able to succeed, you need to be able to take criticism.

    8) I believe I can become a master in any subject I choose if I work a hard as I can and succeed.

    9) A positive thing about mastering a skill is if you get into a situation that requires the skill you mastered you would easily be able to avoid it. ?