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    1. What is an expert learner?

    In my opnion an expert learner is someone who can learn a specific subject at an expeditious speed and is able to become an master with the amount of time they put in.

    2. Name 3 qualities of an expert learner?

    My 3 qualities to become an expert learner is to have a good mindset which allows you to keep on learning even though it got hard.my second quality is to not give up as if you keep on trying it shows that you put in some dedication; my last trait is quality then quantity although quantity is important i quality shows you put alot of care and time into it.

    3. Do you know any expert learners? What makes them an expert learner?

    My dad as he is very knowledgable person and allowed me to get to where i am today he also showed me how to use the drill without damaging a wall.

    4. Name at least one benefit of becoming an expert learner?

    The one benefit of becoming an expert learner is being able to share their knowledge and allow people to be ableto allow people to become masters.