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  • Mohamed

    November 15, 2020 at 8:18 pm
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    1) If you have natural talent, you have an advantage and you will understand better then others.

    2) I think that mastery means that you are important person in what you do.

    3) I think that Charles Dickens, Shakespeare john Milton, Ronaldo ,Messi and Neymar are masters because they work hard and they achieved.

    4) Maybe they are important in what they do so they might be masters.

    5) They became maters because they tried hard and never gave in and they achieved their dreams.

    6) I think that anyone can become a master; if they work hard they can achieve what they want.

    7) What you need is to be hard working, determined and to never give up.

    8) Yes I believe that I can become a master at a subject because if I work hard and I never stop maybe I can become a master of a subject.

    9) One positive of mastering a skill is that you understand better and it can help further out into your life.