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    1.How far do you think people’s success is down to ‘natural talent’? Give some evidence, if you know of any

    I believe that mastery does not count on natural talent as being a master isn’t given to you at birth it’s given to you through hours of hard work, To become a master you need to be at your best of ability in the the specific topic or subject

    2.What do you believe mastery is?

    Being a master to me is someone who is knowledgeable and is available to provide information

    3.Name 3 masters (anybody who you think is extremely good at what they do)

    My masters are Prophet Mohammed, Elon Musk, Bill Gates.

    4.Why do you think they are masters?

    They became masters through their very amazing intelligence and effort to put in and gain an immeasurable amount of knowledge.

    5.How did they become masters?

    They became masters through putting a lot of effort and time into becoming an master and being able to try and become their best at that subject that they are learning

    6.Do you believe anyone can become a master?

    Yes only if you work and put a lot of time and knowledge in the specific topic that you intend to learn.

    7.Name 3 things you think it takes to master in a subject.

    My 3 things are knowledge, mental strength and bravery as these three factors allow you to be the best of your ability on the subject.

    8.Do you believe you can become a master in any subject? How?

    Yes if i put in a lot of discipline and effort in a subject i will be able to exceed and become

    above a master as knowledge is infinite.

    9.Name one positive thing about master

    The positive thing about being a master is that you can share your knowledge and have an mindset where you can go above mastery and reach your limits