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    November 11, 2020 at 7:12 pm
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    1. I personally think you can achieve your goals whether your educated a little or educated a lot.

    2. I know that mastery is when you have a strong grasp to a subject or a loving fond to a skill.

    3. Oprah WInfrey, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods

    4. I think they are masters at their subject or sport is because of there dedication towards that sport such as Tiger wood is a successful golf player.

    5. They all have something in common they all practise over and over again they have integrity and confidence even though they are factors which bring them down.

    6. I think you just have to put time into that and take notes.

    7. (integrity) (knowledge) (Focus)

    8. YES, by integrity

    9. You can have that skill with you forever you won’t forget it you