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    December 19, 2021 at 11:42 am
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    Criteria 1: All 6 learning principles were addressed substantially in the project. That is, the target audience of the project is left with a good understanding of the key points of each learning principle.

    Criteria 2: Project is complete and successfully addresses both of the following: Shows a depth of understanding of topics related to learning and makes effective use of the format.

    Criteria 3: Proclamations link mostly clearly to the principles learnt during the lessons.

    Criteria 4: The project is well-organized, well-written and produced, easy to understand, and follows the relevant rules of spelling and grammar.

    Criteria 5: Project clearly can be used beyond the scope of this course. Author’s intended use for the project seems able to be accomplished.

    Overall, I really liked the manifesto, very easy to understand, accurate, and it’s formatted really well. I would give it a 14/15 . The only thing I would change is from the beginning when you said, “Do you want to become a master”; I would change the word ‘master’ to ‘an expert learner’.👍