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    September 23, 2020 at 6:22 pm
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    1. I think talent is the ab<font face=”inherit”>ility to understand something in shorter time. However hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard as ultimately to </font>understand<font face=”inherit”> something better </font>doesn’t<font face=”inherit”> make you a master.</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>2.I believe mastery is being able to become fluent in a topic.</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>3.Messi,Floyd Mayweather,Lewis hamilton</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>4.If u research these athletes’s past you will find that they started at a young age and even though they had higher understanding they </font>developed<font face=”inherit”> </font>their<font face=”inherit”> craft</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>5.Through hard work and perseverance they became Masters</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>6. Yes</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>7.Determination,Patience,Humility</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>8.Yes i believe that i can become a master in any subject if i work my hardest.</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>9.It will give you more opportunities and positive experiences.</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>