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    November 26, 2021 at 6:10 pm
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    1.How far do you think people’s success is down to ‘natural talent’? Give some evidence, if you know of any.

    I think that quite lot of people’s success does go down to natural talent; for example, being a gymnast or being a player for a team sport.

    2. What do you believe mastery is?

    I think mastery is a great way to learn English mostly because it focuses on the key topic of English.

    3.Name 3 masters (anybody who you think is extremely good at what they do)

    My teachers, Tutors and ME 🙂

    4.Why do you think they are masters?

    I think they are masters because they push me to my limits and teach me how to be successful.

    5. How did they become masters?

    I think they became masters by learning from others.