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  • Oliver Dul

    July 22, 2021 at 7:09 pm
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    My Review:

    Criteria 1:

    Excellent – You have talked about all the six principles and it is clearly understandable.

    Criteria 2:

    Excellent- You have shown a depth of understanding of topics related to learning and used the format effectively.

    Criteria 3:

    Good- Proclamations link accurately but number 9 was not clear which learning framework it links to and you appear to have made 3 proclamations (7, 8, 9) based on one principle (Universal Design for Learning)

    Criteria 4:

    Excellent- Your manifesto is well organised and produced, easily understandable and follows the rules of spelling and grammar

    Criteria 5:

    Good: Your manifesto was clear but you could have explained how to implement the proclamations into real life.

    Overall feedback:

    I think you have communicated clearly and used your imagination to make quite effective techniques. However, you could have used a more ambitious tone to enhance the purpose of your writing; in this case your tone is a little too neutral. Overall, though, your vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar and clarity are effective.