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  • zenab

    September 4, 2020 at 6:01 pm
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    1) I believe that everyone is capable of succeeding whether they have ‘natural talent’ or not.

    2) I believe mastery is a mindset that gives us value in our wider world

    3) Michael B Jordan, Usain bolt, Leonardo DiCaprio

    4) I think they are masters because they have all succeeded and got to where they are today

    5) They became masters by having the right kind of focus, practice and feedback

    6) If someone really wants too and tries hard I do believe they can become a master

    7) The three things I think you need to master a subject is to be a motivated, goal-directed and knowledgeable learner

    8) I do believe you can become a master at any subject by becoming an expert learner

    9) One positive thing about mastering a skill is that you will have a more fullfiling life